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    Class Contacts 

    St. Joseph's School has introduced a system of class-parent contacts.

    The idea is simply to provide a welcoming parent face for new parents. These good folk will attempt to contact all new parents to make them welcome and to act as an information source about school activities etc. 
    Parents are also urged to make contact with the class contacts. It is also anticipated that some social gatherings will be held at a Year/Grade level during the year.

    The parent contacts for each Year in the School are:

    Year K

    Year 1

    Year 2

    Year 3

    Year 4

    Year 5

    Year 6

    Grade parents have also helped organise many activities at school for example the barbecue at St Joseph,s games day,afternoon tea for the rededication of the library, First Holy Communion Banquet, school breakfast, morning tea for grandparents day.