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    St Joseph's Primary Staff

    The staff at St Joseph's Primary aim to work in close partnership with you , the parents, in the education of  your child. The school compliments the home, we can never replace you. We must work together as a team. You must continue to take part in your child's education, particularly concerning his/her faith. At St Joseph's Primary we believe that we have the qualified teaching staff to assist you as parents, to help develop life long learning processes in your child.


    The staff is as follows:

    SCHOOL EXECUTIVE for 2017:

    Christine Mulherin - Acting Principal 

    Helen Day - Leader of Catechesis

    Cheryl Tilley - Leader of Evangelisation

    Samantha Donohue - Leader of Pedagogy

    Fiona Thompson - Sports Coordinator

    Jenny Hill - Gifted and Talented Coordinator



    KR -  Jacqueline Robinson

    KSW - Sara Wilkinson

    1AL - Sarah Lino / Victoria Atkinson

    1M - Joanne Monaghan

    2WR - Cassy Winning / Jessica Roy

    2W - Mark Wilson

    3M - Michael Martin

    3MC - Annette McIver

    4H - Jenny Hill

    4W - Jason Winning

    5M - Maree McCarron

    5MT - Pauline McLean/Fiona Thompson

    6D - Helen Day 

    6T - Cheryl Tilley

    Kerry Budzinauskas - Reading Recovery Science, Drama, PD/H/PE                    

    Debbie Teitzel - Music

    Jacquie Wilson - Additional Needs Teacher                 


    Lynn Thompson - Secretary

    Toni Attenborough-Doyle - Teacher Aide / Office Support

    Sue McGill -  Librarian /Teacher Aide                     

    Liz Gordon - Teacher Aide

    Shirley McElholum - Teacher Aide

    Andyn Robertson – Teacher Aide

    Kim Webb – Indigenous Teacher Educator Aide

    Cecilia McGrath – Canteen

    Chris Andrews – Technology Officer